Uncategorized Can You Buy a Home Virtually? As we continue to see unprecedented activity in the real estate market, buyers often find they are too late to offer on recently listed homes. For the serious homebuyer, this can be frustrating, often causing them to make last-minute plans to run out and view homes, interfering with work and home life. As employees and […]
Uncategorized Fall and Holiday Décor Listing Tips If you have your home on the market, it’s natural to want to create the perfect environment for potential homebuyers. This includes not only professional staging services but also time-honored tips like freshly baked treats and seasonal décor. As we transition from summer to the holiday season, however, it’s interesting to note that fall decorating […]
Uncategorized Design Trends You’ll See Everywhere This Year Interior design has a fresh look! After years of subtle trend changes, this year style gets a complete makeover. Spaces are being lightened, softened, and eclectic merging of styles encouraged. If you’re ready for a change, the good news is almost anything goes. Find the trend that suits you and experiment with new textures, colors, […]
Uncategorized Buyers and Sellers – Stay Focused on Your Goal Buying or selling a home can be stressful, even in normal times. Right now, when the housing market is moving at a frenetic pace, both buyers and sellers are making quick decisions and are feeling extreme pressure. As the tension rises, it can be easy to overlook the end goal; right-sized home, relocation, dream home, […]
Uncategorized Are You Being Represented by a “Yes-Agent”? We all know the type. The person who just says “yes” to anything, never challenging or questioning an opinion or strategy. These people-pleasers agree with anything suggested; while they may be nice friends, in real estate a yes-man or yes-woman can actually cost you money. Often a lot of money. No one likes to leave […]
Uncategorized ABCs of Construction Loans Building a home might sound like something reserved for the rich and famous, but the truth is, it might be easier than you think to get a construction loan. What is a construction loan? Construction loans are short-term, higher-interest-rate mortgages that cover the cost of building or renovating a home. The buyer qualifies for the […]
Uncategorized Oregon Property Seller Advisory Oregon Property Seller Advisory_0418_1.pdf (oregonrealtors.org)
Uncategorized Oregon Buyer Advisory Oregon-Property-Buyer-Advisory_2020.pdf (oregonrealtors.org)
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Uncategorized Real Estate Agency REPRESENTATION OF BOTH BUYER AND SELLER INITIAL AGENCY DISCLOSURE PAMPHLET ORS 696.815 (1) authorizes a real estate licensee to represent both the seller and the buyer in a real estate transaction under a disclosed limited agency agreement, provided there is full disclosure of the relationship under the agreement. Oregon Administrative Rules (OARs) adopted by the […]
Uncategorized Your “Starter Home” Might Last Longer than You Think New homebuyers often tell their agents that they are looking for their “starter home.” Several factors go into this approach. These are typically younger buyers, often without children. They may be looking for a maintenance-free home, like a condo, or they might assume that starter homes are more budget-friendly. There are plenty of good reasons […]
Uncategorized Potential Sellers Kick off 2021 Feeling Optimistic
Uncategorized How to Bring Restaurant Design to your Dining Room Remember the feeling of walking into your favorite restaurant and looking forward to a nice meal in a great atmosphere? With the shutdown of indoor dining around the country, social media has been flooded with beautiful pictures of homemade food. Now it’s time to bring that same enthusiasm to your dining room décor and complete […]
Uncategorized Understanding the Back-Up Offer “When can I consider my home sold? This is one of the most common questions real estate agents are asked. While the laws vary in different states, generally the contract is binding once both parties sign the offer. At that time the closing process begins. This is also the time when sellers must stop considering […]
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Uncategorized Working From Home? What Home Buyers Are Looking for Now   With major employers now stating that their employees will be working from home for the foreseeable future, many homebuyers have adjusted their list of desirables in their next home. Some not only need to plan for a home office space, but also need to accommodate the homeschooling or distance learning needs of their children […]