Uncategorized October 7, 2022

Energy Vampires – Why Your Electric Bill Is So High

Does it seem like you do everything possible to lower your electric bill and
still see no measurable difference in your bill? The simple reason is you
may have energy vampires in your home. The good news is these creepy
creatures do not require a visit from your local ghostbusters team, these
energy suckers are hiding in plain sight and easy to remove.
An energy vampire is any device that uses energy when not in use.
Consider anything that is plugged in and ready to use instantly. Good
examples include televisions, home printers, gaming consoles, coffee
makers, lamps, and the list goes on. Think about your smart devices and
anything that has a digital clock is an energy vampire. Even a sleeping
computer or laptop can be sucking energy all day and night, causing your
bill to soar, and putting strain on the public grid.
The good news is there is no need to smear garlic on these vampires or
pepper your walls with crosses, the easiest way to kill off these energy
suckers is to simply unplug them. Don’t want the hassle of unplugging and
plugging back in? Consider attaching multiple plugs into a power strip and
activate the entire room at once. Unplug coffee makers, phone chargers,
fans, and lights in rooms that aren’t used every day.
Vampires are real – energy vampires. Fortunately, you can pull the plug on
these monsters and send them back to the haunted houses where they