Uncategorized October 23, 2023

Don’t Let Small Problems Become Big Insurance Issues

Home maintenance is important for homeowners. Small issues like a loose
shingle or minor leak may seem minor, but they can turn into biggerMichelle Way
problems over time if left unaddressed. Poor home maintenance can
potentially lead to insurance claims being denied if the damage arises from
deferred maintenance. Insurance policies generally cover unexpected
damage, not issues that developed from lack of home upkeep.
Some insurance companies are increasing home inspections during the
renewal process to check for maintenance issues. Homeowners may
receive a list of items needing repair, or in more serious cases, a
non-renewal notice requiring them to find a new insurer. This demonstrates
how critical home maintenance is for continuing coverage.
In summary, staying on top of home repairs and maintenance is key for
homeowners. Minor issues should be addressed before they worsen and
potentially affect insurance coverage. Homeowners who are not diligent
with upkeep may need to enlist the help of professionals to keep their
homes in good shape. Maintaining your home protects your investment and
helps avoid problems with insurance down the road.