Uncategorized October 9, 2023

The Real Reason Your Agent Wants You Gone During Showings

Real estate for Sale Michelle Way
There are several good reasons for homeowners to make themselves
scarce when potential buyers come to view their house. While one
motivation is avoiding problematic comments, there are other benefits to
giving prospective buyers space during showings.
For one, an empty home allows potential buyers to envision themselves
living there. With the sellers out of the way, buyers can move freely through
the rooms and picture where their own furniture and belongings could go.
An unoccupied house becomes a blank canvas for buyers to mentally
customize to their own lifestyle and needs.
Leaving also allows buyers privacy to discuss their impressions and point
out pros and cons to each other candidly. They may feel more comfortable
critiquing elements of the home or debating if it meets their wish list when
the sellers are not present. This facilitates an open dialogue between
potential buyers.
Finally, an empty house also provides a neutral atmosphere for buyers to
evaluate it objectively, without sellers unconsciously influencing their
perspectives. Buyers can take their time forming their own opinions when
touring alone, without chatting with sellers or feeling pressured in any way.
Vacant showings also enable buyers to visualize a future there, speak
freely, and decide independently. These benefits make it advisable for
sellers to make themselves scarce during viewings.