my blog November 8, 2018

Wood stove and Oregon Law

Many home sellers are not aware of the wood stove laws in Oregon. The law began in August 2010 and was put in place to protect citizens from uncontrolled wood smoke pollution. The Oregon Senate Bill 102 says no person may sell, offer to sell or advertise to sell a used, non-certified woodstove. Non-certified woodstoves (including fireplace inserts) are older models (mostly pre-1985) that have not been certified by the DEQ or the federal Environmental Protection Agency to meet cleaner-burning smoke emission standards. . Most DEQ woodstoves will have a certificate on the back to show if it is certified. Many times, you can look up your make or model online to see if it is approved.   There is also some that are antiques that are exempt of the law.  If you’re thinking of selling don’t remove your woodstove without talking to your agent first, especially if this is your only source of heat.  As a real estate licensee I can inspect or evaluate a wood stove but I can direct you to contractors who can.  Also, when you remove it you may need a certificate showing it was properly disposed of.

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