Uncategorized June 7, 2024

5 Ways to Verify Your Real Estate Agent is Experienced

Regardless of whether you are a buyer or seller, using an experienced real

estate agent is important to the success of your transaction. Yet, how do

you know if the agent truly has the experience they claim? While there’s a
case to be made that a new agent works harder, and they have the
assistance of their broker, if you want a seasoned agent for a more

complicated transaction, there are a few ways to verify they meet your
1. Check their License and Credentials – The first step is to check their
license and any accreditations they claim. All these professional
organizations keep membership records available to the public. Also,
review any disciplinary records or complaints.
2. Review their Track Record – Ask for references and call them. Ask
about any challenges that occurred during the transaction and how the
agent oversaw them. Ask for a printout of closed sales, to see if they are
managing the kind of homes that pertain to you.
3. Ask Good Questions – Ask about the market. Ask them to talk about
the community, amenities, HOAs, property values, etc. A seasoned agent
should know this and be able to inform you on any local subject.

4. Assess their Communication Skills – During the interview process,
determine if you are getting clear and concise information. Notice if they
are attentive to your needs and communicate quickly. Remember, they
want your business, and if there are issues upfront, it will not get better
once you list with them.
5. Understand their Marketing Strategy – Ask for a detailed marketing
strategy. Question anything that seems unclear and know why they are
using the various tools to sell your home.
Everyone starts sometime. There is no reason a brand-new agent isn’t the
right choice for you, if you’re aware and understand the support they are
receiving. But, if you think you’re hiring a seasoned professional, these are
a few ways you can verify the information and ensure you’re hiring the
experience you expect