Uncategorized July 16, 2021

Design Trends You’ll See Everywhere This Year

Interior design has a fresh look! After years of subtle trend changes, this year style
gets a complete makeover. Spaces are being lightened, softened, and eclectic
merging of styles encouraged. If you’re ready for a change, the good news is
almost anything goes. Find the trend that suits you and experiment with new
textures, colors, and styles.
10 Design Trends to Try This Year
1. Home Office – Not surprisingly, homeowners are carving out specified
office and workspace.
2. Separated Rooms – The open floorplans are not exactly gone, but new
designs are separating spaces into separate areas.
3. Houseplants and Indoor Gardens – Herb gardens and houseplants offer a
soothing, natural environment.
4. Rattan – Natural materials are having a huge moment and rattan furniture
and accents are everywhere.
5. Wood Grain – Furniture and cabinets with strong wood grain warm up
living and kitchen areas.
6. Playgrounds – Backyard playgrounds have been taken to the next level;
offering private places for the kids to play.
7. Dark and Cool Patios – Grays and blacks are showing up in patio furniture,
paint colors, and hardscapes.
8. Smart Bathrooms – Touchless faucets, Alexa-enabled showerheads, selfcleaning toilets, and more.
9. Retro Style – Nostalgic styles and colors are prevalent this year. Bold
palates and updated retro furniture are fresh again.
10. Soft and Cozy – Layers of pillows, throws, and area rugs create an inviting
More than ever, home is a refuge. Now is the time to build a personal design that
suits your lifestyle and theme. With eclectic options to suit any taste, home
design has a fresh look.